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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
With chain reactions, no matter how nasty the neutron poisoning happened to be, you could have always increased reactivity to overcome it. Even if you end up with a reactor that is basically just a lump of U-235 gas in a centrifuge at high pressure. The chain reaction is so powerful that you can probably find a way to make it work.

As for nanobots, you're ignoring that we have made prototypes for motors and gears and checked the math on more complex little structures that we can't make yet but they mechanically work.

If you look at nature you see countless sloppy little mechanisms that all definitely work. So you'd have to really feel over-skeptical to think you can't make your own, better mechanisms of the same class of thing that do your bidding.

And I see you just ignored the redirecting the asteroids one because there's no traction there. We already checked the math on that, that works unless the asteroid is extraordinarily large or you have very little time to react.
You know, I really am on your side philosophically, I just feel that you are a bit too adamant about things that you don't know, because no one knows them.

I am not here to try to argue with you point for point on all your claims. I really don't have time for that. I think that you are actually a fairly intelligent and optimistic young man, and that you do have some fun ideas that are worth exploring.

But, you try to come across as THE expert in every field, and yo are not. There are plenty of people on this board that actually are experts in the fields in which you pontificate, and you could learn alot from them. Instead, you insult them, and try to claim that you are right, and they are wrong, even though you know little more than first principles of the subject.

Like I said on nuclear, it seems really easy, throw together some radioactive material, and there you go. But, as one becomes an expert in that field, they realize that there are many little things that make it a less straightforward proposition. That is the part that you refuse to accept, and it is incredibly frustrating.

Try something new, try entering into a conversation with the assumption that you know less than the person with whom you are speaking. Just try it once. I bet that you will find that you learned something new, something you never would have learned if you start the conversation by declaring that you are the expert, and that anyone who disagrees with you is wrong.

Just try it once. You may be surprised.