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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
Yes, the reason that all those white supremacists, neo-Nazis, homophobes and misogynists voted for Trump was because Hillary called them a bad name. Otherwise they would have been totally open to voting for Democrats. Yes, that makes complete sense. I mean, Trump and other Republicans poured out a steady stream of abuse that dwarfed anything the Democrats said but no, Hillary is the bad guy here.
You think Trump won with the votes of nazis, white suprememcists, homophobes and misogynists? You don't think anyone else voted for him? Were these nazis the same folks that told pollsters they wouldn't vote for trump but then went and voted for Trump? Trump need more than Nazis to win and you gave them to him. Good job.

And never mind that the right-wing has dedicated decades to building a massive propaganda machine, including multiple mass media networks, pumping out lies and slander against Democrats and the left.
And the left does the same to the right. This isn't merely both sides do it. its simply partisan politics.

Never mind the vast coordinating disenfranchisement and voter suppression efforts by the right under the guise of "preventing voter fraud" despite evidence of actual voter fraud being infinitesimal (and frequently carried out by Republicans themselves.
Boy, I'm glad that wasn't there when we elected a black man... TWICE!!!

Never mind the known foreign interference with the US elections, happily facilitated by many, many high level Republicans themselves, including the systematic dismantlement of security and oversight of electronic voting systems. Never mind organizations like ALEC which have been effectively writing legislation at all levels of government designed to skew the system in their favor in return for paying off their pet politicians to sponsor whatever bills they're handed (sometimes without even reading them). No, what's important is that we can blame the Democrats for everything. Because that's totally a rational conclusion to come to. Admittedly it has fuck-all to do with the original point, but one should never miss an opportunity to blame Hillary and the Democrats just on principle.

Seriously, dude, the argument you're making is that white fragility is not just a real thing but is actually a significant factor in how the right make their voting decisions, and that in fact they are a bunch of... what's the word? oh yes... snowflakes who have to be shielded from reality lest they lash out in some brainstem-driven fury of petty retaliation that will ultimately harm them in a variety of ways but which will briefly allow them to feel all smug and superior. Is that the argument you wanted to make?
Yes. And you should stop poking the bear. It serves no useful purpose other than give the speaker the psychic gratification of being able to say shitty things under the guise of saying non-shitty things.

You should stop vilifying people for being white. You should stop using language that is prima facie offensive and then retreat to say "well the meaning of that offensive phrase is actually not offensive if you had read the scholarly article on the kneejerk reaction white people (and really everyone) has when confronted with their own privilege or bias.

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