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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
So you don't find facts convincing because you think I'm racist? Or are you calling me racist because you want to ignore the peer reviewed studies that I am presenting to rebutt your pro-publica article?

For viewers at home I believe iiandyiiii is getting rejecting peer reviewed studies because he feels that I am racist to place any of the responsibility for the plight of blacks in America on blacks. (this fits in nicely with the subject of this thread) And the studies that I put forward as evidence should be ignored because I said something that he thinks is racist.

The thing that thinks makes him think I am racist is that I say that some significant part of the failure of black society to succeed in America is black culture. I don't say that racism doesn't exist or that its not a big deal. I think he was particularly offended by my use of the phrase "toxic culture" and I no longer use the term because I can say what I want to say without using a term that causes undue offense.

I also called BLM a violent organization. But this was back when we BLM events were still ending in violence or rioting. That's not really happening any more.
No, I'm very interested in the studies you cited, and I'm very interested in finding more data, both since the data available is so sparse, and since the ProPublica study directly conflicts with the data you cited.

But because your mind is already made up on this, and you're choosing to dismiss any data that doesn't match your preconceived notions, I'm not really interested in further exploration of your opinions on the issue.

And not surprisingly, you're misstating my views on some other things, a discussion of which would probably belong in another thread.

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