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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
Those already distinguish him from the crowd. Also a Rhodes Scholar and he earned a commendation for his counterterrorism work in Afghanistan.
Those are fine achievements, especially the military service, but does he have a signature issue that he wants to enact if elected? And especially something that distinguishes him from the dozens of other Democrats, many of whom are equally academically accomplished and some of which have military experience.
Apart from getting elected at 29 and then re-elected, which are achievements unto themselves? His website says "Under his leadership, South Bend has reimagined its role in the global economy with job growth and major investment in advanced industries, with a focus on data and technology." I don't know what that means...
That's kind of what I mean - his own website doesn't say anything specific that couldn't be said about many other mayors.
But as I said, we live in odd times politically and given that Republicans have pretty much forfeited the right to accuse any other presidential candidate of inadequate experience, who know what may happen.
I wasn't thinking about Republicans - is there anything about him that would tend to work against accusations of inexperience from other Democrats? Or would tend to attract votes, more than for other candidates?

IOW he should be nominated by the Democrats because
  • he's young,
  • he's a veteran,
  • he is openly gay
  • he got elected mayor of South Bend twice, AND
  • fill in the blank here.