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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
I read it. In fact, I directly addressed it:


Do we know that Mary Gregory broke that record because she's a transwoman? No.
Since "transwomen" are a relatively new thing in sports I would suggest they be banned from sports till it is shown otherwise that they have no inherent advantages.

You said trans people are a very minor percentage of the population. So keeping this tiny percentage out of professional sports makes sense. It is a new thing that can skew results. Let them play in amateur leagues and when enough data is collected we can decide if they should be allowed in professional sports.

I am as liberal as they come and I am not seeing a problem here. By your own account we are talking about a very small percentage of the population, of whom an even vastly smaller percentage would be into professional/Olympic class sports, are denied access to the very highest levels of competition (a super, super small percentage).

Given that it is hard to be fussed that one or two in seven billion people *might be* unfairly blocked but I find it hard to get all up in arms about it.
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