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Originally Posted by RingsOfPylon View Post
I didn't want to dump on men per se, just those who are violent, and I was annoyed by those who thought they knew how RadFems should think regarding the legislation. I guess women are all spawned in a hive and we are all supposed to think alike. :-)
Speaking as a fellow cis woman, I think it's unreasonable to expect anybody not to have opinions about how RadFems or anybody else "should think". Especially here in the Great Debates forum, where lecturing other people about how they "should think" is built into the framework.

I personally think I know how RadFems "should think" about trans people, for example: I think they should accept trans people as the gender they identify as, and shut up with their silly moaning about how transwomen are oppressing them.

Now, that doesn't mean that RadFems or anybody else can't disagree with me about that. But it's got nothing to do with assuming that all women must "think alike" because we are "spawned in a hive" or something.