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Originally Posted by clairobscur View Post
I see no evidence that anybody on this side of the debate in this thread doesn't think that a statement to the effect that you self-identify as a woman should be sufficient, should go undisputed, and should allow to be recognized as a woman in all circumstances.
No, this is an absurd exaggeration. Obviously, for example, a statement to the effect that you self-identify as a woman is not sufficient to get you a Pap smear in a gynecologist's office if you don't actually have a vagina or uterus. There is no need to pretend that transwomen are biologically indistinguishable from cis women in all circumstances, and especially not when it's their specific biological characteristics that are under discussion.

However, there is zero need for people using gendered restrooms to "dispute" other people's gender identification. Most people are very uncomfortable using public restrooms designated for a different gender than the one they identify as. So if somebody is using a women's restroom, the overwhelming likelihood is that she identifies as a woman.

The incidence of people who don't identify as women entering women's restrooms for nefarious purposes is, as has already been pointed out, relatively very small. And even if it weren't, "disputing" the gender identification of non-nefarious women because you're worried they don't look feminine enough won't do a damn thing to address that problem.