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Originally Posted by Machinaforce View Post
To be honest thatís how I felt before.
But somewhere along the line madness descended and then it became a contest of who was happier. They seemed like they were happier than me and that meant I was wrong in some way. They said I was living a lie and what I valued wasnít real and that terrified me. I guess thatís what chained me to it, and what keeps me from leaving. Fear.
Ahh, screw that noise. Pain and happiness are both subjective to a degree. It's nobody else's business whether you're "happy enough." Only yours. There's no definite scale there. You don't have to be happier than anyone else. Just happier than you were when you weren't as happy as you are now.

And as far as "They?" Are they the same "they" as "everybody?" as in "Everybody knows_______?"

They're idiots.

You value what means something to you, not to them. They're not intrinsically more worthy of determining what's important than you are. To piggyback on a little philosophy: If we are all the same, all part of the same consciousness, et cetera, then your knowledge, your opinions, your values carry the same weight as everyone else's. Or, to translate into "old southern man," Screw 'em. They ain't livin' your life.