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At the facility physically closest to me they have a small subdivision that is exactly that. In the main building, the ground floor apts are smallish but each has an exterior door so you don't have tto go in and out the main building doors if you don't want to. 2nd floor apts are a little bigger, and 3rd and forth floors apts are around 1100 sqft. 5th floor has 5 apts 2200 sqft each. Those are the truly luxury apts. I don't recall what tthe cost was for those but I do know its around or above 10,000/month. This facility just finished building a full gym complete with dry hot room (sauna?) Steamy hot room, hot tub and jacuzzi and I believe I was told they are going to start building the indoor swimming pool this year.
This one was more like a small town. There is a CVS Pharmacy and a bank branch in the main clubhouse, and a walk-in health clinic just for the employees. Pools, fitness rooms, several restaurants, with bars, in fact I interviewed a 100-year-old gentleman at one of the bars.

This might be sounding like a fairy tale. Just look into Erickson Living properties if you're inclined. The residents came from everywhere.