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Nursing home doctor (post acute hospitalist is my official title) chiming in here. In my area of south Texas, physicians tend not to be the ones who decide on a discharge date. Most of the time the therapists, DON, and administrator come up with a date, which tends to correspond to around the time that insurance will cover. The attending physician is notified of this date and asked to sign off on it. If the attending disagrees often enough and tries to do his or her own thing, referrals for new patients will dry up. I know this from first hand experience at some of the less reputable facilities. If your attending is a community doctor it’s even more likely that they just go along with whatever the facility staff recommends since those doctors spend most of their time in their outpatient practices rather than in the nursing homes. It sucks that things work this way, but the owners of the facilities fire administrators and DONs who don’t try to keep the insured patients as long as possible (again, based on first hand experience).

I hope you heal up and get out of there as quickly as possible, if you haven’t already.