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Originally Posted by panache45 View Post
I received a call from my primary doctor's assistant, telling me I need to schedule a physical, and that it't urgent. I have no need for a physical, since I'm seeing so many specialists, and they take care of any problems I have. But I agreed to schedule a physical with my primary doc. It turns out, the next opening she has is January 24th. Yes, she can't see me until January 24th, 2020. I pointed out to the assistant that I wasn't the one requesting the physical, that it was her demand. So, anyway, I'm scheduled for an "urgent" physical next January 24th.

I always wonder who these people are who say if we went to universal coverage that we would have to wait for appointments. People who have been lucky enough to not have to interface with our current medical system, I suspect. This shit has been going on for years now. In your case, I wonder if your PCP has to prove to whoever she works for that she's fully booked for every minute of her time to ensure that they're getting every dollar from her they can.