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Originally Posted by Locrian View Post
Leaving from NJ/PHI today, and as packing the car, text says my flight is CANCELLED!!

American Airlines. Evidently their mechanics strike may not be settled.
That happened to me on the same airline Memorial Day weekend! The incoming plane suffered a bird strike, and it took maintenance over an hour to show up. (This was at RDU...not exactly a massive airport.) Initially, the flight was delayed, so I just had to move my connecting flight to a later time. The app and the website both showed an available flight, but neither would allow me to change it on my own; I had to call the 800 number. Fine.

When the original flight was finally canceled, both the app and the website again acknowledged that a much later flight still had openings, but neither would allow me to change. This time, the 800 number told me I could expect a 2-hour wait, so I opted to stand in line for the gate agent. Yep, they had a single gate agent rescheduling flights for an Airbus 319 full of passengers. I finally got seats on a much, much later flight...once my boarding passes had printed, the gate agent announced that her shift was over, and wandered off. There were still other people in line behind me; I don't know what happened with them.

Oh, and while I was dealing with the gate agent, an extremely irate American Airlines employee wandered in from the jetway area. Apparently, someone forgot to finish relocating all the luggage when the damaged plane was emptied, and roughly half of it was stuffed in the little freight elevator at the end of the jetway. Another employee managed to reunite some passengers with their luggage, since they were still at the airport, but lots of people had already gotten on other flights.

Needless to say, I'm driving the next time I go on vacation.