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Originally Posted by digs View Post
I wear earbuds around the house. Keeps the kids, traffic, and the neighbor's dog at a tolerable level.

Does he have a wife (or kid who visits)? If you mention it to them, they should roll their eyes and say "Sorry. I'll remind him to keep it down." Then you ask them to put a red dot on his volume control and tell him "NO higher than this, dad, or your neighbors might call the landlord... or the brownshirts in the SWAT gear who'll drag you off to the gulag!"
Unfortunately, he doesnít. Heís a classic central casting crazy old man. No family, no friends, no visitors, and I think he likes that just fine. I put a letter through his door today (he never answers it) politely asking him to keep it down. I donít know if heís trying to piss me off or if he just hasnít read it yet, but the fucking thing seems louder than ever tonight. Iíll give him to tomorrow evening but if itís no better Iíll tell him that if he doesnít shut the fuck up Iíll be calling his landlord. Hopefully, heíll do us all a favour and just drop dead.