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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Apologies. I just want to make it clear that Shodan is NOT a habitual wife-beater. Probably. It's difficult to be sure. Unproven, really.
Originally Posted by Inner Stickler View Post
I heard Shodan makes his wife check for Ilhan Omar in the closet before he can go to sleep at night.
Originally Posted by CaptMurdock View Post
And under the bed for AOC.
Originally Posted by raventhief View Post
Also, Shodan is most definitely NOT someone who indulges in romantic urges toward sheep. Nor goats*. And if someone were to say otherwise, I will...I will...I will start a thread in Great Debates! See if I don't! **

*I make no such statements about any other other barnyard animal.

** I won't.
I disagree with Shodan on a lot of things, but I'm curious on why you guys do this? Is there some sort of enjoyment you get denigrating an anonymous poster on a message board? It's not enough to simply disagree with his POV?