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Originally Posted by adhemar View Post
...trying to make it my fault (were you wearing flip-flops? were you wearing sunglasses? were you wearing prescription lenses? had you been drinking? etc) I have a permanent disability in my shoulder from the fall but I am also old and have arthritis in the joint so I am sure the grocery store will do everything to pay as little as possible which also ticks me off.
It's probably the store's insurance company. They have no boundaries, no shame.

And apparently, no common sense. I recently had Physical Therapy for a torn tendon. My insurance company sent me a letter asking why... I replied that I twisted my ankle walking down the street. Then they sent me a form full of questions like "Was this the result of negligence on the part of a private party?" I answered the first one normally, but when they sent me a second questionnaire, ALL of my 25 answers were the same: "Twisted my ankle walking down the street."

That didn't sink in. They have now sent me four letters and four forms. Each one more desperately hoping they can sue someone for my $150 medical bill. Oh, and they've started referring to it as My Accident.

On the last one I scrawled diagonally across the form:
Just twisted ankle.

Was walking down the street.
By myself.