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Originally Posted by WillFarnaby View Post
He called the police to come get Martin. Then he pursued Martin so he wouldnít get away.
Zimmerman made no statement stating or implying that the police should arrest Martin. And, according to Zimmerman's and Dee Dee's testimony, Martin did get away. Then Zimmerman called the police to arrange a meeting in an exact location.
For all I know Zimmerman thought he had found a burglar and he would be applauded for nabbing him.
"For all I know" is not evidence of Zimmerman's state of mind.
Creepy-ass cracker?
Calling somebody a racial epithet is not evidence that you are afraid they are going to illegally arrest you.
Thereís no evidence that Martin sought to confront and beat up Zimmerman. If his doubling back is evidence he was looking for Zimmerman, than why isnít Zimmermanís pursuit evidence he was looking to nab Martin?
Because there's no evidence of a desire on Zimmerman's part to "nab" anybody. The location of the fight and the house numbers is evidence that Zimmerman was looking for house numbers. The location of Martin's father's house, the location of the fight, and Dee Dee's testimony, are evidence that Martin was close to his father's house, and doubled back. The injuries to Zimmerman are evidence that Martin attacked him. The attack is the illegal part.
I donít know why he doubled back. He may have wished to carry on his conversation with Dee Dee in private instead of in the home.
Then obviously Martin didn't feel threatened by Zimmerman. And, of course, "I don't know" is not evidence.
He may have noticed the gun once confronted. There is no way to know what Martin knew immediately before the fight.
Sure there is. Martin doubled back and confronted and attacked Zimmerman. This is evidence that he did not know that Zimmerman had a gun, and also evidence that Martin was not feeling threatened by Zimmerman.
He wasnít in the truck in the back. He was already out of the truck and in pursuit of Martin when he claimed he started to look for an address.
He was no longer in pursuit of Martin - he and Martin had lost sight of each other. He was looking for an address in order to give his exact location to the police.
By this point he had already left the spot he was to meet police and had walked around back. My question was why did he leave the vehicle. The answer canít be that he got out to look for an address. The best place to look for an address is from a vehicle not by walking around back.
The house numbers are not visible from the back. That's why Zimmerman walked around to the front.
Martin attacked Zimmerman between steps 3 and 4. Zimmerman escalated the situation to step 3 at minimum according to his own testimony. Martin may have escalated it to step 3b and 4. At the very least Zimmerman is guilty of manslaughter because he behaved in such a reckless way as to endanger life. We canít have people in society bumbling around escalating conflicts with loaded guns at the ready.
Zimmerman did not endanger anyone's life before he was attacked by Martin. And he did not have a loaded gun at the ready - the fight lasted long enough to break Zimmerman's nose, blacken his eyes, and get his head smashed into the ground before Zimmerman fired.

Acting in self-defense is not manslaughter. Attacking someone because they ask you what you are doing in their neighborhood is assault and battery, and having your head smashed into the ground tends to put a reasonable person in fear of his life, or serious injury. Therefore, as far as the evidence can determine, Zimmerman acted in self-defense.