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Zimmerman's actions pre-fight don't need to be defended. They were biased, racist, dumb, etc. etc, but completely within the law, unless disobeying a directive from a 911 operator is a crime.

Being an asshole isn't a crime. Following someone who you claim you think is committing crime isn't a crime. Jumping that person and beating them and bashing there head on the ground IS a crime. The only crime committed that day was by Martin, and sadly, his life was lost a result. The impetuousness of youth, if you will.

Surely you recently read about Apartment Alice or Condo Cathy who approached a black gentleman who lived in her building, demanding proof he belonged there? Surely he was upset at this, but instead of beating her, as a rational adult, he documented her behavior via camera phone. If she had had a holstered gun on her hip, it would be almost the exact same scenario. Yet surely all would agree if he had responded by bashing her head in the ground, he would be in the wrong, yes? And if she had then responded by shooting him, it would be justifiable?

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