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I know I promised you the last word, but I cannot stand to see the math butchered the way you did.

You canít add percentages that way.

If 50% of people are male, and 50% of people are female and 20% are minorities and 20% are left handed, and 39% admit to picking their noses and eating when nobody is looking that does not add up to 179%

The actual number of working poor who usually work full time who are living below the poverty level and who have had low wages as a contributing cause to this represent 1.55 percent of the general workforce according to numbers from the census bureau and BLS in 2017.

Realize that that number does not say that low wages are the only reason. The vast majority of that group are also going to be suffering from other issues, labor market issues, and personal issues.

This thing you are worried about is really not a thing at all.