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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
The real challenge to Boris isn't overt party revolt (won't happen) or Labour forcing a vote of no confidence (Labour couldn't force a toothpick through a wet tissue). The challenge is that even with DUP support, he'll still only have a majority of 2 (which could be reduced to 1 if Brecon & Radnorshire goes as expected on Thursday). That means that not only will he be held hostage by the DUP, he could also be held hostage by every member of his party. One defector and his government crumbles.
That's why he will make impossible promises to everybody about everything, try to appear strong and decisive, take a hard line with the EU... and call an election.

He will come to an agreement with Farage, and hope that he gets a decent majority. Then he will try to force through no-deal, by fair means or foul.

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