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Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
I am not a psychologist - but there is a school of thought and theory of treatment that focuses on ones "inner monologue". The thoughts we carry around impact how we feel, and behave and interact with others, and we do have some control over them. If we are constantly thinking "I am a loser" it is a good idea to learn how to talk your brain out of thinking that, etc.
It goes back rather far: "The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts" - Marcus Aurelius 161-180 CE

Originally Posted by nate View Post
As a (horrid, to some) example, I was driving with my wife in our minivan, stopped at red light and this girl pulled up next to us on a scooter. The way she was sitting, the short shorts she was wearing, her body's shape, I don't know, I couldn't even hold a conversation with my wife even when she was complaining about me being distracted by her... it's like it didn't matter to me, I couldn't bypass it, I had to just take in the sight of this and I didn't care how irritated my wife was. I know I sound like a real winner, but I'm just being honest.
I read the OP generously but that part definitely suggests a problem. I've only seen this in one other man; He saw a woman and acted like a dog who'd seen a squirrel. You could practice attentional control with meditation or by looking at pictures/videos of women you find attractive than working on your ability to shift mental gears. You're going to fail at it a lot at first and it's going to take at least one month before you notice changes but it sounds like it would be worth it.