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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
We could be arguing about whether cheese is a good natural deodorizer and if you're refusing to investigate and refusing to consider even really crappy evidence, using bizarre and outlandish reasoning, I'm going to be just as much telling you that you need to see a neurologist.

The "bizarre and outlandish" is the issue, not the deodorizing qualities of cheese.
This is where your problem lies.

The deodorizing qualities of cheese is the claim. It's a shit claim. It has no credence, and no basis in reality. The fact that you have "crappy evidence" to support it does not generate a responsibility on my part to investigate your crappy evidence.

I am only required to consider your claim if you have "good evidence" to support it. Good evidence suggests there is something worthwhile to investigate, crappy evidence suggests nothing.

The only thing bizarre and outlandish is the expectation that people are going to take an anonymous claim about a public figure, provide no reliable evidence that it is correct, and demand that everyone else do the work to disprove it.

And, I'll repeat, we saw this whole thing play out before, with all the same assholes making claims, and no amount of evidence made a difference, because it was never about the claim, it was always about having a scandal to talk about.