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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
Physical models of the universe are all just hypotheticals that match the known facts. ......
Are you aware of anything that works better by making a priori assumptions and telling people to not review the whole spectrum of possibilities?
So far you’ve hypothesized that Omar’s father may have been some kind of war criminal, that Omar may have married her bastard half brother to get him into college, and that Omar may have been in a polyamorous relationship with two bisexual men.
Now you’re bringing Einstein and universal theories of everything into the discussion? Are you Dirk Gently?

You're going way beyond Just Asking Questions. You're telling tales.

As Lance Turbo has pointed out, your polyamory hypothesis completely ditches the incestuous marriage hypothesis.
And yet it’s equally salacious.
OP: Ilham Omar married her brother.
Sage Rat: Yep, I reckon I can find some evidence for that. But how about this? Ilham Omar was in a polyamorous marriage!?

Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
The evidence is that they're hiding something, that Elmi (likely) calls Omar's daughters his nieces, and that Omar lived with both of her husbands at the same time. Pigeonholing the "something" to "brother marriage" isn't a disproof, it's just pigeonholing.
Heck, both of my dad’s ex-wives still get together from time to time.
And I’m an ex-Mormon!
Now from just those two pieces of information you could hypothesize that my family is a polyamorous cult and that my mum and stepmum are lesbian lovers!
The actual facts are quite mundane and would completely negate such an outlandish idea.
But the actual facts are none of your business. So I guess I must be hiding something shameful or nefarious!

And you’re still hung up on the “niece” thing!
As others have repeatedly told you, Elmi doesn’t have to be Omar’s brother or the family’s gay “uncle” to call Omar’s child “niece”.
If the Elmi who posted that picture is the same man who was married to Omar for a time, isn’t that reason enough for him to consider Omar’s child (not his own) his “niece”?