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Originally Posted by Not Carlson View Post
That was meant to be a self-depreciating joke.

Saying I DON'T think Omar did anything wrong, but I DO wonder why [alleged] photo guy has [allegedly] denied knowing her doesn't mesh?
Is it OK if I say I'm 95% confident the allegations against Omar are bullshit?
Is it OK if I say if Alpha News [which DOES seem obscenely biased against Omar, and a blatantly right-wing agenda-pushing rag in general] has in fact talked with the guy in the photos [allegedly Omar's one-time husband Elmi], and if he actually made the statements that they claim he made, then that would present an apparent oddity, but would still not be evidence that Omar married her brother?
Because that's where I'm at right now.

That's harsh. Considering I've tried to make it clear that I still think the accusations against Omar are more than likely bullshit.
Have I crossed you somehow?
I am genuinely miffed.

Throughout this thread I've been pointing out how the OP's accusation and Sage Rat's JAQing off look and smell like bullshit.
Is 95% not good enough?
Call me a sucker if you must, but don't call me a weasel.

What load of rubbish. The accusations are 100% bullshit.

Don't weasel, and I won't call you one. That's more than you're affording Ms. Omar.

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