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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
Kids are not taking up vaping because of cherry cheesecake flavor. They are taking up vaping because they want to alter their mental state with drugs. Whether self medication is a wise idea or not, that is the reason. They are not happy with how their mind feels, and they want to change that. People used to take up smoking all the time, and there were no "child" flavors then.
This isn't why kids start taking up vaping or smoking. Nobody makes a conscious decision to "alter their mental state with drugs" when the drug in question is nicotine. It starts with someone in the group hanging out, having a cigarette, or a vape - then the other kids want to try it, so he lets them try it. Then some of them get vapes or cigarettes on their own. Then it becomes a social thing, usually done furtively because it's not allowed and that makes it more exciting. Many of these kids don't continue doing it habitually once the novelty value wears off. But some of them do, and those are the nicotine addicts.