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Originally Posted by Lamoral View Post
This isn't why kids start taking up vaping or smoking. Nobody makes a conscious decision to "alter their mental state with drugs" when the drug in question is nicotine. It starts with someone in the group hanging out, having a cigarette, or a vape - then the other kids want to try it, so he lets them try it. Then some of them get vapes or cigarettes on their own. Then it becomes a social thing, usually done furtively because it's not allowed and that makes it more exciting. Many of these kids don't continue doing it habitually once the novelty value wears off. But some of them do, and those are the nicotine addicts.
Right, people usually say things like "Let's get fucked up", not "Let's use drugs to alter our mental state." But yes, that is a conscious decision.

I'm not sure what your argument is here. Are you saying that people don't use drugs because it makes them feel good?

People, especially kids, are curious, and sure, if someone has something they haven't tried before, they will be interested in trying it. If they find that they like it, then they will continue doing it. I do no entirely discount peer pressure, but I also think that it is more than a bit overestimated.

But, none of that has anything to do with my post. What I am responding to here, what I am arguing against, is that kids take up vaping because of the the flavors. This is not something that you have argued for in your post, so I assume you agree that, as I said in the post you quoted and responded to, "Kids are not taking up vaping because of cherry cheesecake flavor."

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