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You have a couple of people who are supposedly in a relationship, that are doing some pre-Tinder fooling around looking for someone to cheat on the other with.

And then the person they find is, surprise!, the partner they were trying to betray. Everyone is so happy because they both like the same things, and probably always have, and they end up together, still entirely sick of each other. They go home in a brief romantic mood and find that the dog has puked on the carpet, the dishwasher needs to be unloaded, and they did not find what they were looking for. One on the couch, one in the bedroom, both crying.

Dreaming of the "what if?" What if I had just swiped left instead of right? I would still have my somewhat imperfect marriage/relationship. But that is all gone now. And then the lawyers came.

Too sickly sweet and nausea inducing, much like a Pina Colada.