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For example Bill Murray’s character from STRIPES loses his girlfriend in the first reel and it hardly has any impact. Things were just more temporary and transient in those days from my perspective and I think the value of the song is that it captured that time perfectly. One could reading the personals while one’s significant other slept next to them—and later a relationship can be rekindled by some very shallow information.
I get what you are saying here and I find most of the responses in this thread to be very conservative and moralistic, from a family values traditional relationship sort of perspective. There are a lot of assumptions about the type of relationship and people these characters were. I was born in 1979, so I wasn't around for the 70s. However, I've always assumed that the '70s were a little more casual and "free" and the AIDS/Reagan eras came along with more "tradition" and monogamy. now things, IMHO, are a little more back in the other direction. I know very few people in (working/effective) traditional monogamous relationships now.