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With that said, I agree entirely with you that the Rich-White-Sports candidates seem like a nice, plump target here. But there are political undercurrents to that (of course!) and there are other posters here on the SDMB who know an enormous amount about that topic. I don't personally know what the best plan here would be. But I really don't think it should be "nothing". There's a legitimate grievance here. An entire group of people is being forced to play the game with a much more stringent set of rules, based solely on their ethnicity, and they have every justification to be upset about that.
Too many liberals think of stopping anti-asian discrimination in terms of being anti-affirmative action. In their minds they are making a choice between blacks/hispanics and asians and the obvious choice to them is blacks/hispanics. This is a false choice but it is interesting that when they felt they had to choose between being fair or showing favor to politically powerful racial groups, they chose the politically powerful racial groups.

Of course things like legacy admissions and athletic preferences are bullshit. I think the lawsuit against harvard specifically lists the elimination of these things as ways to improve diversity.

There is a magnet high school in Northern Virginia called Thomas Jefferson high school of science and technology (TJHSST). They have majority asian population and one of the more successful "crew" programs in the state. The kids on that team do not come from homes with traditions of rowing in crew but they adapted.

The athletic preferences at ivy league colleges are overwhelmingly in sports that are not really accessible to immigrants and minorities. It is an avenue for perpetuating a continuity in the skin tone at some schools.

As an interesting aside: The admission to TJHSST was largely determined by a score on a single exam. The school was predominantly white. Then the asians showed up and started taking more and more of the seats and before you knew it it was predominantly asian. THIS is when the county developed the political will to do something about the atrociously low black and hispanic population at the school. I'm not saying that the folks who pushed it were suddenly concerned about black and hispanic representation. I think it is more likely that the folks who were standing in their way suddenly lost interest in standing in their way.

They added all sorts of subjective criteria in an effort to improve URM admissions and the school ended up admitting a whiter richer and dumber student body. It turns out that affluent white parents were better at navigating complicated admissions processes than asian immigrant parents.

They reverted back to a mostly test based admissions process and have a primarily asian student body with little to no URM representation.