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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
But is all opposition to the SHSAT crap, or is some of it entirely reasonable? Maybe broadening criteria could be beneficial for all minorities, including Asians.
It's mostly crap. If you think that the new system would have to be an improvement in identifying the best group of students rather than the mostly ethnically representative group of students then every proposal so far has been crap.

There are 130 screened schools in NYC. 8 of them use the SHSAT as the sole criteria for admissions. They are mostly butthurt that the best of these are the ones that use a single test and the test does not yield a racially representative student body.

The three most selective of these schools includes Brooklyn Tech. In the 1980, Brooklyn Tech was majority black. It is now about 7% black. Blaming the test for the lack of diversity is like blaming the MRI machine for your brain tumor. NYC DOE has been engaging in social experiment after social experiment, acting as the petri dish for the education departments of universities across the country and the result has been a race to the bottom. They recently proposed eliminating all gifted and talented programs, getting rid of tracking altogether.

The policy proposals presented to date have all been proposals that sacrificed academic ability to achieve racial balance.

The primary proposal was to admit the top 7% of every middle school. Some of these middle schools only had 2% of their students meeting grade level standards.