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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Hopefully if/when more liberals are aware of policies that harm Asians, more and more liberals will oppose these policies. There shouldn't be any reason why AA necessarily has to harm Asians.

EDIT: And as ywtf notes, problems with college admissions policies abound... and the biggest beneficiaries are rich white people. The biggest beneficiaries of any harm to Asians in college admissions are rich white folks.
Yes, the benficiaries are rich white folks but the baizuo act like fighting anti-asian discrimination is a direct attack on affirmative action (or at least a sneaky attack on affirmative action). I can cite dozens of articles written by whitesplaining baizuo that admonish asians for not sufficiently understanding racism and that what we are doing is playing into the hands of the white supremacists because fighting anti-asian discrimination is really an attack on affirmative action. It's pretty galling