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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
AFAICT, the "woke SJW crowd" is not particularly attached to defending powerful entrenched institutions like Ivy League admissions departments. I know I'm not. They deserve a ton of criticism. Like so many institutions, they overwhelming favor wealthy white people.
The was the term is being used on boards discussing the movement in NYC to eliminate objective admissions criteria and dismantle the gifted and talented program. It seems to apply to woke SJWs that have fallen head first down the rabbithole of race politics to the some ridiculous conclusions.

These are people who subscribe to a racial oppression pecking order that allows them to dismiss the concerns of asian americans if it even peripherally threatens the interests of minorities higher up on the pecking order.

It may all die down when the lawsuit is over, but it wouldn't take much to remind asians how elements of the left rushed to Harvard's defense and called asians selfish racists for being concerned about anti-asian discrimination. And noone stood up for us against this, and we can't shake the feeling that if this had happened to any other minority group, there would have been a pretty unified front against the discrimination.

The left is no longer the safe haven against racism that we once thought it was. There are no more political safe spaces for asians.