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Originally Posted by Annie-Xmas View Post
When I'm wearing my red shirt, standing behind the cash register ringing up purchases and the light is on. "Are you open?"
Given how many times I've walked up to an apparently open register ringing somebody up only to have them tell me they're closed, I'm not sure I can blame the people for asking.

Originally Posted by Limmin View Post
>> Is zero an even number?

My office mate, the smartest PhD student in our group of rocket scientists, and a very good programmer, paused when I asked him this, and said "Maybe it's a special case?" Simplistically, it's even, and it feels like it should be. But ya never know, in some applications maybe it ought to be handled differently...
In most programming applications 0 is handled differently from other outputs. The thing that's not common, though, is looking for even/odd numbers. So as a dude who's a couple decades away from an exam and who just yesterday wrote special handling to cover a 0 output, it's not hard at all to imagine a test question where 0 might need special handling.

Originally Posted by Doctor Jackson View Post
Do artists in general perceive this as a stupid question? I am not an artist, in fact art (visual, specifically) may as well be magic to me. I have no idea how an artist does what they do nor where they may get inspiration. It is, however, a fascinating subject to me. I am one who asks that very question.
If you asked me that, you'd get a long and ever-growing list of all the things I've ripped off.

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