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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
I’m not technically a Trump supporter though I may have to be in 2020 if Sanders or another socialist gets the (D) nomination. That said I do have to ask if you folks on the left are beginning to embrace the newly discovered 9th and 10th amendments now?
Okay, I'll bite...

What in the seven sons of Sam Hill do the 9th and 10th Amendments have to do with Trump openly flouting the law??

Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
You misspelled "megadittos".
I'm sure glad no one here calls me vermin, insect, piece of shit, racist, Nazi, self-serving shithole, etc.

The SDMB - where self-parody goes beyond, into performance art.

Wow. First post I've seen from you in days, and this is what you Crazy-Glued your balls back on to post?? I'd ask you to consider that if you weren't a coward of such great degree, maybe you wouldn't be named all those things you mentioned. But that would engender a level of introspection that I just don't think you possess.

Y'know, at least Bricker has the sense -- and the class -- to quietly slink away.

Coin-operated self-destruct...not one of my better ideas.
-- Planckton (Spongebob Squarepants)

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