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How can the GOP wing of the crippled Republicrats survive demographics? Answer:
Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
Narrowing the franchise.

It's not like this is unprecedented. There were several states which were effectively one-party states for decades. And this happened within living memory. The Republicans just need to revive those old practices.
Narrowing the franchise, by suppression or outright bans of target groups, guarantees a lack of "consent of the governed"... unless there's a Chinese Politburo deal: You get material wealth as long as you shut up. Even there, retaining power requires state violence. I doubt we'll see a Starship Troopers world where only veterans may vote or hold office and everyone else is happy because prosperity and no repression.

US "single-party" states with limited franchise have been white-run feudalisms. Deep South FTW! California's current Dem majority stems from previously dominant GOPs making themselves quite unwelcome over the last couple of decades, not from nasty libs disenfranchising poor innocent conservatives. Californians can vote fairly easily. GOP power will vanish with universal voting.

How can the GOP survive? Possibly by reinvention. Possibly by dictatorship. Possibly the nation or political structure will not survive, suiting US enemies just fine. With any political move, consider: Who benefits?