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Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
America is about 40% non-white (although the electorate is only 30% non-white due to non-whites having lower turnout and many non-whites being ineligible to vote for various reasons).

Even if America is 50% non-white in 30 years, and 40% of the electorate is non-white, we will still have a lot of mostly white states that will continue to vote GOP.

So I doubt it'll matter.

Plus as time passed, the 'in group' becomes broader. It used to be 100 years ago that you had to be the right kind of white and the right kind of christian. You had to be an anglo-saxon protestant. So eastern europeans, russians, italians, germans, spaniards, french, catholics, mormons, etc. were out-groups and faced persecution.

Now you just have to be white and christian. So in the future the definition of 'in group' will probably broaden and the far right will have a lot of latinos and LGBTs in it promoting persecution of other people.
That's true in a vague sense but these days it seems like we are going backward with regards to Latinos and the GOP, and perhaps society in general. It seems that before this millennium, anti-Latino prejudice was more casual even if it was still as virulent. But casual racism can be counteracted by exposure and education. If you've already firmly othered Latinos, then you'll always be convinced that many of them are getting free shit from the government and are engaging in voter fraud.