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Ok read now. Mooommmm I put ice in wine too, even red wine which is supposed to be room temp. I have just about quit drinking. Not for any reason except I just haven't had the urge. Mostly my drink is beer but I have only had one, at the hairdresser the other day., in the last month or so. Just don't want it anymore.

I drink tea at irk and home with an occasional soda. I still make smoothies most every day so that is just fruit and juice. I usually have a cup of coffee or two each morning Moanday -Firday. I don't make coffee at home.

This past weekend was the annual celebration of the Bahamain heritage and culture with a festival called Goombay. I had my girl bring me some conch ceviche. I am having it for lunch. Goombay kicks off ten days of drunken debauchery and nudity known as Fantasy Fest. I do not participate anymore. Out grew all that foolishness.
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