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Originally Posted by Buttercup Smith View Post
Peaches My family has a hereditary shoulder weakness. At least myself and my sister do. Weird.

I have had one rotator cuff repaired and am now having trouble with the other. My sister has actually had a shoulder replacement and her other is giving her fits.
My mom, her sister, my brother, and I all have shoulder weirdness. Thus far, three of us have avoided major medical tuneups. (I avoid any and all weight-bearing if my arm has to be raised above parallel with my shoulder. I can shift surprising masses using core/lower body strength, in relation to my weight and fitness level and age. But my shoulders and collarbones make ugly painful crunchy noises if I have to lift high.)

Several years ago, my aunt had to have a series of surgeries to replace bones. The doctor told her it was a birth defect, probably hereditary. And that your clavicle really isn't supposed to hurt. I mentioned that to my doctor, who agreed. News to me!

Apparently it's something about the way that the clavicle joints the shoulder and interacts with the soft tissues. But I seem to have minimized damage by accidentally using my shoulders the right way for me, so I'll stick with the factory original parts as long as I can.

But I'm going to discuss the door issue with my brother. If either parent needs a wheelchair or Walker, that 32" door may create problems. We're converting the big porch into a dining/sunroom over the next few weekends, and I'm going to advocate for putting in a larger door while we're working. Easier while the walls are pulled apart anyway. And if I have to redo insulation, I'd rather get all the itching over in one whack.