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Assuming there's a substantial layer of them inside the tyre, they should level out like water (centrifugal force can be thought of as gravity, perpendicular to the surface of the tyre, in the way that real gravity is perpendicular to a drinking glass sitting on a table.

So assuming you have a drinking glass that's unbalanced by way of having an uneven inside bottom surface, it can be balanced by pouring in some fluid that is almost the same density as glass - because it will flow to cover the irregularities at the bottom, and the top surface can't help but be level.

So if the Dyna Beads act like a fluid, and are similar in bulk density to the material of the tyres, and the lack of balance is caused by features on the inside of the tread, and the wheels are turning fast enough to distribute the beads in a layer centrifugally, then they might be able to help.

But that's a lot of conditions, and reality is hardly ever so close to ideal.

Oh, and that website made me want to say "Do not taunt Dyna Beads"