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Okay, so they don't stick and are really dynamic. I guess they will roll to the place farthest from the axis of rotation (thinking....). Vehicles have a suspension system and the axle moves as required. Speeds increase... the force of the imbalance increases. This is the wheel/tire trying to spin around its own center. Because the tire/wheel is out of balance, its center of mass is not really at the center of the axle.

At speed builds, the axis of rotation moves away from the axle center towards the center of the rotating mass (because the wheel/tire is out of balance).

The whole wheel/tire is rotating around a spot that is slightly off the axle center.

The part that is farthest away from the new axis of rotation is on the opposite side from the overweight part. I guess this is where the beads will roll: Spot farthest from the axis of rotation.

Sooo... because the center of mass becomes the axis of rotation, the points around the tire are no longer equidistant from the axis of rotation.

So we have a positive result.

I think I get it.

ETA: That is balancing, not damping as I first thought.


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