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Originally Posted by pchaos View Post
IMHO Theists believe that the heart and soul of man is eternal. Atheists believe that man will turn back into dust. Which would you rather believe?
I would rather believe that I'll see my dead relatives and loved ones again, and that I'd never truly die.

But I'm not a child. So believing in fantasies because they are comforting is worthless. Adults should face reality.

Atheists should not be proud that they don't know what the truth is and they should not be proud that they have nothing to offer.
I don't know the truth. But I do know that the beliefs religious people have are based on nothing but wishful thinking. The only thing that religion has to offer is lies told by delusional or manipulative people.

Jesus, if he existed, was nailed to a tree and died forever. It's shitty, but much of the world is shitty. Although it is getting better as we turn away from the stupidity of religion.