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Originally Posted by pchaos View Post
IMHO Theists believe that the heart and soul of man is eternal. Atheists believe that man will turn back into dust. Which would you rather believe?

Atheists should not be proud that they don't know what the truth is and they should not be proud that they have nothing to offer.
You apparetlyn haven't gone to any religious funerals. the Pastor's, priests etc. always say, when throwing in the handful of dirt,"Remember man you are but dust and to dust you shall return". That isn't an Atheist saying, but a religious one.

The one Big thing you forget to offer about Athiests is they are looking for truth,they want facts not fiction, or Beliefs in a Supreme being that has no evidence for them.

I know a lot of Atheists who do a lot of charitable work, are kind and helpful to people, because they don't believe as you do doesn't mean they offer nothing. If you think about it you offer nothing but your belief,on this board. and as I see it you are angry because you have failed to prove anything except thatyou have a belief, that very few pwoplw have. Of course it is your right, and it helps you ,but for someone looking for truth it is an empty challange.