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I think the biggest problem is that threads that could go elsewhere, don't go elsewhere. The Pit shouldn't just be "angry MPSIMS", as it sometimes seems to be. Perhaps we should also re-examine what belongs in MPSIMS. Would low-vitriol ranting and venting be out of place there? RO threads certainly seem mundane and pointless of late, and a quick skim of the MPSIMS posting guildlines doesn't reveal a prohibition against expressing anger there.

The Pit has in some ways become a ghetto in which "negative" threads are created so that the other forums can stay shiny and positive, and I don't think that it's really necessary to do that. Pissed off at your landlord/brother/etc.? Go ahead and rant about it in MPSIMS. Wanna talk smack about your least favorite movie star? It'll fit into Cafe Society. Want to lament the sad state of your life? Don't "pit" yourself, start a MPSIMS thread. Angry about a thing you saw on the news? MPSIMS again (unless you want to start a debate on the topic).

The Pit should, in my opinion, be reserved for threads that truly cannot be posted in the other forums. Beefs with other posters are the most obvious, and I believe they were the original purpose of the Pit. Bare-knuckle political debates that eschew the decorum of Great Debates would belong here (unless you want to give them their own forum). Vitriol-drenched rants that are genuinely too hot for MPSIMS (such as the previously linked rant by Euthanasiast) would fit here, but they really should elevate profanity to an art form.