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Originally Posted by Jack Batty View Post
Yeah. Who was it that brought up raping toddlers (apropos of absolutely nothing except possibly your browser history) in this thread again?

Say hi to your therapist for me at your next appointment.
Where was all your indignation all the many, many times your fellow asshole slandered gun owners? Oh, wait, there was none. You thought that was okey-dokey. As I already told you, but I'll tell you again due to your senility, I have deliberately chosen the most offensive things I can think of and asked ElvisL1ves if he wants to do them. I fully expected him to say no, because any normal human being would deny wanting to do those things. Except, of course, he won't deny wanting to do those things. Normal people, whether they own guns or not, don't wish to harm others. Abnormal people who do wish to harm people will do so whether they have guns or not. Can I make it any clearer to you? I won't explain it to you again, regardless. If you hurry, you can still catch The Price is Right.

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