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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
It was part of a show by black online commentator Jessie Peterson HERE.

He says that if the situation had been reversed, a white man deliberately throwing a black 5 year old boy off a balcony with an intent to kill him their would be riots and demonstrations. He says "where is White Lives Matter"? He also points out that he was a Somali immigrant who had a history of problems.

He is right, its barely been covered by the media. The media doesnt mention the boy was white. he also mentions some black activists have been calling for blacks to "Raise Hell". And that Black Lives Matter shut the mall down a couple years ago.

He finally tells white people they should speak up and stop taking this.
So nice to hear the insane perspective. We hear so little from the insane quadrant nowadays, good on you for doing the tortuous work of listening to a source that you would never otherwise lower yourself to outside of doing research.

If the dude wanted to get MRA cred, he should have killed a woman, or killed a whole bunch of people with a large impressive penis-symbol. Killing just one kid, even in a stupid random way, isn't much of a message.