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Originally Posted by WillFarnaby View Post
You are assuming Martin attacked Zimmerman because of a question?

Isnít in more likely Martin attacked him because Zimmerman had been stalking Martin for some time before the encounter?
I don't see what difference that makes. Zimmerman was following Martin, lost sight of him, Martin was right by his father's house, then Martin doubled back and confronted Zimmerman and attacked him when Zimmerman asked Martin what he was doing. (According to the evidence of where the fight took place, where Martin's father's house was, and Dee Dee's testimony of what Martin said.) The question was the triggering event, but it's really beside the point - it is illegal to attack someone on the street even if they were following you.
Why was Zimmerman pursuing him? To arrest him? At least it was to harm him in some way.
There's no evidence of this, and some evidence that it is not the case. If Zimmerman wanted to harm Martin, why did Zimmerman not have his gun in his hand when he confronted Martin? If Zimmerman wanted to arrest Martin, why did he call the cops and arrange to meet with him? That's what was happening when Martin confronted and attacked Zimmerman - Zimmerman was looking for a house number or street sign to give his exact location to the police so they could meet up.
Compare what the two were doing before Martin beat him up. Martin was being pursued by someone with intent to harm him. Zimmerman was pursuing Martin with intent to harm him in some way.
Again, there is no evidence of this. If Zimmerman wanted to harm Martin, why did Zimmerman immediately call the police?
If Zimmerman has been pursuing someone who was committing break-ins, he would have been stalking him legitimately. He wasnít stalking Martin legitimately.
If by "stalking illegitimately" you mean that Zimmerman was doing something illegal, that is not correct.
The fact that humans can be wrong is why police are trained to not approach the situation the way Zimmerman did.
Zimmerman isn't a police officer.

Zimmerman spotted what he thought was someone acting suspiciously. He then called the police, or more accurately, the police non-emergency number, and gave a description. The police NEN operator tells Zimmerman not to follow Martin. Zimmerman loses sight of Martin, then eventually gets out of his truck to look for a street name or house number, and then Martin confronts and attacks him on his way back to his truck.
It is both legal and legitimate to defend yourself from someone wishing to do you harm. This we can agree with. Zimmerman meant to either arrest or kill Martin when he pursued him. Therefore he had intent to harm Martin.
Again, there is no evidence that this is so, and some evidence that it is not.
Martin was justified in attacking Zimmerman. If someone is stalking you with intent to harm you, when do you believe it is justified to defend yourself? When they pull out the gun?
You are justified in defending yourself when you are attacked. Zimmerman did not attack Martin, and there is no evidence that Zimmerman intended to attack Martin.

You are assuming facts not in evidence.