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Originally Posted by Cicero View Post
And Smith ruled out and possibly from the next Test as well.
I can live with that. My bigger worry is that the nasty blow he took might affect his confidence at the crease. It's happened in cricket before, and you see it in baseball too; a bad knock can really affect a player's batting.

Originally Posted by penultima thule View Post
The series is played between two pretty average sides; the pitches so far aren't conducive to batting but they are dry and not offering (generally) much bounce or lateral movement, the bowling is sound, the fielding is sub-par, the umpiring reprehensible and the batting is shite.

Which doesn't mean it's not absorbing Test cricket.
Agreed. There are a few real world-class players out there, but the two teams are not, on the whole, especially good.

I thought Labuschagne looked pretty good today, and he's been scoring like crazy for Glamorgan. I'd be pretty happy if they dropped Warner. He hasn't managed to score 20 total runs in four combined innings, and he also seems to have lost his ability to catch the ball.

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