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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
Go ahead and lose our shit, I say. The fact that people are losing their shit doesn't mean people have thrown their hands up in the air and checked out of democracy; it's just the opposite. It's exasperation. It's...rage.

And rage is what this country was founded on.
By "losing our shit" I mean becoming irrational, out of control, destructive of those on the same side, and attacking each other, for example, accusing Mueller of being in a conspiracy to protect DJT because he didn't say the right words.

Expressing rage and disgust, yes--that is called for. Definitely. But not against those working and hoping for the same outcome, namely the removal of the Former President from office. Let's not devour each other in our rage.

I wonder if what is needed is mass demonstrations, a la the civil rights movement and anti-Vietnam war protests. I read a headline somewhere today (can't remember where) asking why the mainstream media aren't calling for the Former President's resignation. Is everyone still being too polite? Are we still expecting the other side to play fair, all evidence to the contrary?

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