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I think JT and The Glow are talking past each other; they're both basically correct. Trump probably did feel emboldened after the Mueller investigation ended, but it's just one example of something that fits within a much longer pattern of behavior. Like any authoritarian, Trump keeps testing and applying pressure to institutions. He's been doing that since day one, but people have been resisting, which partly explains the turnover in the DoJ.

I go back to the average voter, though. There has been a mountain range of information available to the public indicating he is completely and totally unfit for office. Journalists have stood up to Trump. Other Republicans have stood up to Trump. Judges have stood up to him. Career civil servants have stood up to him. Trump has been challenged. And yet, 40% of the country seems pretty strongly behind him no matter what he does, and another 10% can't make up their minds as to whether to support him, oppose him, or have no opinion of him.

It's true that some adults have been more or less shut out of the voting process - African Americans who have to drive 30 minutes and wait in line for an hour or two just to vote, for example. But a lot of other Americans just don't make the connections between what Donald Trump is doing to destroy the politics of normal and their own unfreedom.