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From the b5's in Rosenstein's testimony, it looks like there's a legal proceeding on the matter of how the FBI Director was appointed, following Comey's firing.

Given that there's a big blurb about Mueller and how he was considered for FBI Director and that is all unredacted, Trump's thing about Mueller having a conflict of interest or spying on him during the interview doesn't seem to be the subject of this case.

If there were some corrupt activities to install someone crooked into the position of FBI Director, I would expect it to either have counted as part of the obstruction case against Trump in the Mueller Report, or to have been put down as a future case to try and file against Trump, once he's out of office. It's not the former and, since this is a b5 matter not a b7, we know that it's currently in litigation and not being held back for a later date.