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Originally Posted by sich_hinaufwinden View Post
Not to get my pick all up in your nit or anything but when your tremendous President, a really great President, the best ever, really, gets on that Cessna then it becomes AF1 by definition. Best Defintion Ever! And besides, he's going to make them expand Red Square, they're going to do this, make it much longer, so long, wait till you see this, it's going to be great, Red Rectangle they're going to call it, and we're not going to take any terrible deals, so it's going to get built, we'll build it if they don't and he'll make them pay for it. He's going to be able to land the greatest planes there. Because I can tell you this - with great surety - that Trump won't use some tiny, little Cessna. His Cessna will be huge. Really huge. I mean, trust me on this, people are saying it will be the hugest Cessna ever. Big time. No politician in history has ever had a Cessna as huge as Trump's will be. You can ask anybody, like Roger Ailes who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice. Ask him. They're all saying it because nobody respects Cessnas more than he does. No body. It's the fake media spreading these hateful made-up lies about the size of his Cessna. And honestly he's making America Great Again by repealing and replacing that tiny so-called Cessna that Obama left him with. It's a total disaster (pathetic!). Just the Worst, most over-rated Cessna ever. And he's the only one who could fix this. Nobody else even has the guts to talk about it. Thank God he won the election in a landside against that crook Hillary, who should be locked up by the way, so he could Make America Great Again by bringing back jobs to build that absolutely huge Cessna. In fact, and this is true, every poll, the real polls, not those horrible rigged liberal polls like the failing NY Times that are all phony, have his Cessna winning bigly. Bigly. Even though, we all know this is true, there were over three million illegal votes cast. But he's still winning.
That's a bigly thing of beauty. I can't do it, is there a coherent speech to Trump converter? You must have had to lie down after that.